In the Harz are great vacation days guaranteed!
From Pension Der Tourstop you can make beautiful tours. There are routes available for motorcyclists, cyclists, mountain-bikers, walkers and nordic walkers. There is also a lot for the (sport-)fisherman.
In the village Wildemann are magnificent fish ponds where one can fish for carp, trout, roach, bream etc. All this at +/-5 a 10 min of our pension.
Also the historic town of Goslar, UNESCO World Heritage, is nearby.
There are museums, fun parks etc; too many to mention.

Nordic Walking/Walking: 
Nordic walking is the new formula to be fitter. This simple full-body workout, with two walking sticks, is healthy and enriching. There are many routes in the Harz by beautiful landscapes, breathtaking views and pure nature. By the Harz mountains and the national park are many routes and organised walks. There is a cross-country network of up to 500 km long.There are many hiking trails in the region, all very well with signs indicated. In the Harz is an estimated 8000 km of hiking trails. The National Park has a lot invested in hiking trails through the mountains with beautiful views. The hiking route to the Brocken, the highest mountain in the middle of Germany, is very popular and breathtaking. You can also join an organized tour of Brocken Aufstieg ( A fun way to discover the entire Harz is the famous Hexenstieg (witches route), which begins in Osterode and ends in Thale. The entire walk is 97 km long, which takes you along beautiful valleys and nature brings, this route is very well indicated. Another beautiful route is ‘ Das Grune Band ‘ (the green line), which formerly the inner boundary line is between East and West Germany. Because this is an area with untouched nature it is wonderful to walk through. Other beautiful walking routes are: Selketal-Stieg (67 km), Kaiserweg, bath Teufelsstieg (13 km), Liebes Harzburger bankweg Hahnenklee, and the Love Trial (7 km), through beautiful scenery with 25 benches along the way to rest and enjoy the nature
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It is no surprise that the Harz is a magnet for motorcyclists from all over the world. The Harz is well known as Bikers playground of Northern Germany! Hundreds of kilometres with almost empty mountain roads and more curves and corners that you can imagine, this is the perfect place for motor cruising! Torfhaus is one of the many well-known meeting places for bikers with the views of the Brocken. On a sunny day you can expect hundreds of motorcyclists there.

5 km from our Pension lies a highlight for mountain bike fans: Bikepark Hahnenklee!
The Bocksberg ropeway transports you and your bike daily from 9.30 am to 17.30 pm on the Bocksberg, there you have the choice between the seven lines with different levels of difficulty.

  • Downhill, 1100m
  • Freeride, 1250m
  • Singletrail difficult/slightly difficult, 500m
  • Singletrail slightly difficult/easy, 1250m
  • Northshore, 500m
  • 4X bzw. Biker Cross, 150m
  • … und ein Übungsparcours, 130m

The routes are designed so that from beginner to expert all are addressed. For technically difficult obstacles, there are bypass options.
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There are  two big lakes for the sport fishermen (the Innerstestausee and Granestausee), in the village of Wildemann there are beautiful fishing ponds. One can fish for Carp, Trout, Roach, Bream etc. All of these activities are about 5 – 10 minutes away from our Pension.
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